How often should i practice yoga

Before yoga, I used to be a person who exercised because I felt I had to, not because I had a deep desire to sweat it out. It can take years to master even a single pose. Start with twice weekly yoga, assess results on the body and as long as there are no negative… Read More »

How long until flu symptoms show

It can long dehydration. When does the flu become contagious? As the illness progresses, until person may have warm, flushed skin, watery or bloodshot sympptoms, a severe cough that produces phlegm, and nasal symptoms. Ssymptoms long does the flu last? If you have the flu and sneeze in a flu area, those around you can… Read More »

Can antibacterial soap be bad for you

There have to be more to this Bad agency is, however, asking manufacturers to demonstrate that these ingredients are safe and effective, and it will consider banning them in the future. Hand hygiene in hospitals: anatomy of a revolution. In animal studies like this one at the Journal of Toxicological Sciences it was found that… Read More »

What is malaria disease

Recurrent infections with P. When an infected mosquito bites a human host, the parasite enters the bloodstream and lays dormant within the liver. Infectious diseases are transmitted from person to person by direct or indirect contact. Malaria transmission cycle Malaria spreads when a mosquito becomes infected with the disease after biting an infected person, and… Read More »