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Eczema: Five tips you should know before going swimming – are you aware of these?

Eczema is a condition in which a person’s skin becomes dry, red and itchy. The symptoms are most acute when a person is experiencing a flare-up. This often happens as a result of coming into contact with any number of irritants that are known to trigger the condition. With the holiday season in full swing,… Read More »

The Five Ways Peloton Weave Community and Content Beautifully

Peloton are a fascinating company. Founded in 2012, they started selling their spinning bikes in 2014. These bikes are not your usual spinning affair though, they have large touchscreen wedged on the front: The Peloton Bikehttps://www.onepeloton.com/bike The screen is used to stream live classes to the bike. A rider can see a calendar of different classes, opt-in,… Read More »