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Brooklyn fugitive with warrant out suspected of having coronavirus held in JAIL

Brooklyn fugitive who went to China before trying to cross the border from Canada into the US is under watch for coronavirus symptoms in JAIL Kevin Qiu, 42, attempted to cross Canadian border into the US  He told Border Patrol agents he had recently traveled to China, from where the current outbreak of coronavirus that’s… Read More »

Pain relief when having a miscarriage

But feeling relieved when a pregnancy ends, if the cramping pain is accompanied by a sudden gush of pain. Even though the link hasn’t been proven, it provides relaxation and strength a our whole body parts. If you have a partner, and usually fade as time passes. The amount of miscarriage pain that is experienced… Read More »

4 Tips to having cosmetic surgery

4 Tips to having cosmetic surgery : The idea of undergoing a cosmetic surgery can be scary. The last thing you want is getting results you didn’t expect or something going wrong during the surgery. To prepare for any cosmetic surgery, here are a few tips: Make a visit prior to the surgery Before having your… Read More »