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6 drug-free insomnia fixes you can do tonight

Is insomnia ruining your life? Sleep medication is highly addictive but small natural changes can make a huge difference to your sleep, says Healthista Nutritional Director Rick Hay  [embedded content] There is nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep, and it turns out many of us Brits aren’t getting enough of it.  Research published last December found… Read More »

Carrie Underwood Accidentally Dropped $600 on Makeup Thanks to Pregnancy Insomnia

Getty ImagesKevin Mazur Even if you haven’t given birth to a baby before, you’ve likely heard about the sleep deprivation that comes along with being pregnant. Whether it’s life’s way of preparing you for minimal sleep you’ll be getting once the baby comes or something else, a full eight hours, especially in the third trimester,… Read More »