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La Medicca – Garcinia Ayurvedic Medicine

In the ancient world, the treatment process solely depended on the herbal extract which is known as Ayurveda all throughout.The present medical science, as well as technology, have been inventing several outstanding treatments but those have an extreme side effect. The allopathic medicines are made with chemical drugs which might have various side effects to… Read More »

Slow Food, Slow Medicine: What Italy Can Teach America About Health

Obesity, diabesity, food deserts and food swamps co-exist across America, factors that cost the U.S. economy over $ 327 billion a year just in the costs of diagnosed diabetes. In addition, America’s overweight and obesity epidemic results in lost worker productivity, mental health and sleep challenges, and lower quality of life for millions of Americans. Food… Read More »

Alternative medicine to the rescue

The ever-changing environment around us may sometimes have a negative effect on our health. As a result of this, we tend to fall ill more often as compared to the previous generations in our family. We get more tired than our dads used to at our age. A lot of people say the scientifically created… Read More »

Too Much Medicine: A small medical conference with a big impact

August 16, 2018 Posted By Categories Michael Joyce is a writer-producer with HealthNewsReview and tweets as @mlmjoyce The Too Much Medicine (TMM) conference is small, but has a potentially huge impact.  We cover plenty of medical conferences about heart disease, cancer, and dementia (to name a few) that trigger tsunamis of media coverage because they –quite… Read More »