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Woman ignored small lump in her stomach until it was a tumour the size of a baby 13 years later

Woman ignored a small lump in her stomach for 13 YEARS until it grew into a tumour the size of an 8.8lbs baby WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Beverly Jaundrill, had a 4kg lump removed Ms Jaundrill had to carry her huge lump and wear baggy clothes to hide it The mother, from Preston, was diagnosed with… Read More »

Too Much Medicine: A small medical conference with a big impact

August 16, 2018 Posted By Categories Michael Joyce is a writer-producer with HealthNewsReview and tweets as @mlmjoyce The Too Much Medicine (TMM) conference is small, but has a potentially huge impact.  We cover plenty of medical conferences about heart disease, cancer, and dementia (to name a few) that trigger tsunamis of media coverage because they –quite… Read More »