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7 Meditation Tips For People Who’ve Never Meditated In Their Lives

In theory, meditation sounds easy—you sit in one place for a while, not doing anything (even thinking). But when you realise you have no idea how TF to magically make your mind go black—cue anxiety, which is basically the opposite of how meditation’s supposed to make you feel. Before you give up and turn on another episode of Riverdale, know that… Read More »

15 Healthy Tips For Eating Out

We’ve all been there before, we want to eat healthily and also socialize, so can you do both? Yes with these healthy tips for eating out! Eating out generally falls into two categories, it’s either spontaneous or planned out. If you know tips that can help you in both of these scenarios, then you’re set up… Read More »

4 Tips to having cosmetic surgery

4 Tips to having cosmetic surgery : The idea of undergoing a cosmetic surgery can be scary. The last thing you want is getting results you didn’t expect or something going wrong during the surgery. To prepare for any cosmetic surgery, here are a few tips: Make a visit prior to the surgery Before having your… Read More »