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How often should type 1 diabetics eat

Studies after studies show, that the best and most optimal way of not only weight loss, but also managing a steady blood sugar level, is by eating five times a day. I think she has how often should type 1 diabetics eat this wrong. A good dietician will tell you to eat 5 smaller portions… Read More »

Cancer symptoms: Can you hear this noise? You could be at risk of this type of cancer

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body which develop when the body’s normal control mechanism stops working. Cancer survival outcomes greatly depend on the type and stage of the cancer so recognising the warning signs is key to improving outcomes. A symptom associated with a rare type of cancer relates to… Read More »

How to live longer: This type of exercise found to be best for increasing life expectancy

Studies have found that a long lifespan may be linked to a number of factors with genetics being one of the main ones. One study from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine looked at 500 individuals who had lived to 95 or older and identified common genotypes, rather than lifestyle variables, that caused them to… Read More »