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Mother, 47, claims wearing hair bobbles on her wrist for 30 years led to NERVE DAMAGE

Mother, 47, claims wearing hair bobbles on her wrist for 30 years has given her carpal tunnel syndrome Lisa McLennan, from British Columbia, has developed carpal tunnel syndrome A friend told her she had been warned to stop wearing elastic on her wrist The common nerve condition causes pain and numbness in the hands and… Read More »

Children exposed to opioids in the womb suffer cognitive delays for years

The opioid epidemic’s toll on future generations: Hundreds of thousands of Americans exposed to painkillers in the womb will suffer cognitive and physical delays well into their teens and adulthood, study finds The number of pregnant women using opioids in high-income countries has increased by five-fold in recent years  Between 75 and 90% of their children… Read More »

Report: Philadelphia Black men live an average 69 years — the city’s lowest life expectancy

Mark Makela/Getty Images Black men who live in Philadelphia live an average of 69 years – the lowest average life expectancy rate out of all of the city’s population groups, according to a report released by the city’s health department. In Brotherly Love: Health of Black Men and Boys in Philadelphia, the first report of… Read More »