Hair loss when you have lupus

By | June 19, 2020

hair loss when you have lupus

Loss of eyebrow, eyelash, beard and body hair also is possible. Anagen effluvium. Ensure you lupis take your medication as directed, at the right time.

Unfortunately, yes. Lupus causes widespread inflammation that usually involves your skin — particularly on your face and scalp. Lupus can cause the hair on your scalp to gradually thin out, although a few people lose clumps of hair. Loss of eyebrow, eyelash, beard and body hair also is possible. In most cases, your hair will grow back when your lupus is treated. But some people with lupus develop round discoid lesions on the scalp. Because these discoid lesions scar your hair follicles, they do cause permanent hair loss. Lupus can also cause the scalp hair along your hairline to become fragile and break off easily, leaving you with a ragged appearance known as lupus hair.

Show references Schur PH, et al. Discoid lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes a severe rash on the skin. Kasper DL. It is important to work with your doctor to discover the cause and identify the best way to treat or manage the hair loss. Understanding Lupus. But losing 50 to hairs a day is perfectly common.

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