How Much Benefit Women Can Get From Ketogenic Diet?

By | October 18, 2018
How Much Benefit Women Can Get From Ketogenic Diet?
How Much Benefit Women Can Get From Ketogenic Diet?

How Much Benefit Women Can Get From Ketogenic Diet? The terms ketosis, ketogenic diet, and keto diet have been thrown out a lot in various weight loss programs, sports performance blogs, and health articles.

From being a medical diet treatment for people suffering from epilepsy, the keto diet has come a long way to becoming one of the most popular weight loss diets there is, thanks to celebrities such as Halle Berry, Kourtney Kardashian and Adriana Lima who are totally obsessed for the keto diet.

We see a lot of women following the fad, but, have you ever wonder how beneficial it is to the woman body?

  1. Weight Loss

    Belly Fat in Women

    Type in “benefits of keto diet” in Google and you will see that almost all articles available mentioned weight loss.

    So, there is no wonder that is the greatest benefits that women want when they enter a keto diet.

    See those stubborn belly fats? Women hate that! They want a slim bodice that should never embarrass them when summer comes.

    And thanks to keto diet, more and more women are enjoying the benefit of losing weight in no time.

    By consuming a high amount of fat instead of carbs, the body is forced to use and burn those body fats for your daily energy. Furthermore, the keto diet balances your hunger hormone called Ghrelin, making you feel less hungry and satiated for a longer period of time and avoid binging on your favorite foods.

  2. Reduces Acne

    Reduce Acne

    Another No-No for women?

    Those annoying acne popping just about anywhere.

    There are various causes of acne, and one is related to blood sugar and diet. Eating high amounts of refined and processed carbs may alter your gut bacteria and result in significant fluctuations in your blood sugar levels, which have an impact on your skin health.  Thus, decreasing your carb intake may help reduce acne breakout for clearer and cleaner skin.

  3. Anti-Aging

    Anti Aging


    Women are obsessed about staying as young as possible. This is why there are millions of beauty of product available in local stores that promises women youthful, glowing skin.

    However, the benefits you expect in beauty products can also be achieved with the keto diet. Berries and cruciferous veggies are required in a keto diet which is loaded with powerful antioxidants that rid the body of free radicals and protect you from UV damage that accelerates the signs of aging, giving you its beneficial anti-aging properties

    Furthermore, the staples of a keto diet are healthy fats, including Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which help hydrate, nourish and repair your cells from the inside out, for a younger and firmer complexion you always dreamed of!

  4. Manage PCOS

    Manage PCOS

    PCOs or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is an endocrine disorder which causes enlarged ovaries with cysts. This disorder in women usually occurs along with insulin resistance which causes a variety of hormonal issues in women, including infertility.

    Because of its low carb intake, a keto diet may help in addressing insulin resistance and therefore help those who suffer from PCOS. A pilot study found out that a keto diet can help in improving body weight, manage hormone balance, improved fasting insulin and LH (luteinizing hormone) to FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) ratio in women suffering from PCOS. Moreover, 2 women even became pregnant during the study.

  5. Manage Symptoms of Menopause

    Manage Symptoms of Menopause
    Manage Symptoms of Menopause

    During or after the menopause transition, there are numerous symptoms that can occur in a woman’s body. The most common symptoms are:

    – Fatigue
    – Mood swings
    – Vaginal dryness
    – Insomnia
    – Weight gain, particularly around the middle
    – Night sweats and hot flashes
    – Loss of libido

    All of these symptoms can be managed with a high fat, low-carb diet. A keto diet can help in controlling weight gain, balancing your mood and blood sugar levels, increasing cognitive abilities as well as energy and lowering inflammation.

    Furthermore, it helps in managing fluctuating hormones during menopause and helps improve your estrogen levels that give you a livelier sex life.


You see, the keto diet is quite beneficial for every woman out there. From skin care to managing hormonal problems, a keto diet might be the answer you are looking for. If you are currently on a keto diet and wants to monitor your state, then ketone strips can help you there. You can check whether your body has started producing the required ketones or not. Check out the best ketone strips at KetoaHolics to get your keto diet monitored!

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How Much Benefit Women Can Get From Ketogenic Diet?

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