Joy Corrigan: Victoria’s Secret Supermodel talks about her Workout, Diet and ‘Naked Species’ her clothing brand

By | April 1, 2021
Joy Corrigan

Joy Corrigan is an international model, actress, and philanthropist, she has managed to stand out amongst her peers with her passion for acting, her artistic eye for fashion, and her love for animals. With almost 1 million social media followers, Joy Corrigan uses her platform as a way to inspire her fans to reach their goals.

 It isn’t her first time alongside the seasoned actor, she previously starred in the Lionsgate film Reprisal also starring Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo. She’s also previously worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Lionsgate film Aftermath also starring Scoot McNairy (Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico).

 Her love for animals and fashion led her and her sister, Gina (Corrigan) Smith to create NAKED SPECIES, a clothing brand that offers everyday basics with a modern twist to street style, Naked Species infuses art and awareness into every piece, making “Basics” not so basic. The two have always had a passion for art, fashion and protecting the many creatures that coexists on the planet. Naked Species combines their passions for an important purpose.

 As part of the commitment to end the extinction of endangered species, 10% of the proceeds from sales is donated to the Wild Tomorrow Fund (a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of threatened and endangered species and the habitats they depend on for survival). Joy has personally designed each piece with her style and art, so everyone who wears these pieces can proudly display their support for endangered species. Joy has personally designed each piece with her style and art, which anyone wearing the pieces can proudly display their support for endangered species as part of this important movement.

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 Originally from North Carolina, Joy grew up in a small town on a farm being one of ten children in a close-knit family. Feeling like a big fish in a small pond, she made the courageous decision to move Mami to model, from there she made her way to Los Angeles, only to pack her bags up and set herself up in the big apple. While in NYC, she signed with Marilyn Agency and continued to elevate her career.

 In previous years, Joy has modeled and shot popular campaigns with Guess, Urban Decay, Frankie’s Bikinis and has walked for designers including Roberto Cavalli and Vivienne Westwood. She has an exclusive contract with Alo Yoga and has partnered up with several brands such as Monet Phone Cases by contributing her own designs. She’s also graced the covers of magazines such as Maxim France, Lucy, Talk, and Resident Magazine as well as the coveted pages of GQ, Playboy (Playmate Feb. 2017), Ocean Drive, Galore, Marie Claire, and Genlux.

 While maintaining a rising career in front of the cameras, Joy is also a loving role-model and dedicates her time to Jade’s Vine Foundation, a foundation she founded that focuses on saving endangered species of plants and animals around the world. She currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys cooking, Yoga and anything beauty/skincare related.

Women Fitness President Ms. Namita Nayyar catches up with Joy Corrigan, an international model, actress, and philanthropist who talks about her workout, diet and ‘Naked Species’ her clothing brand.

Namita Nayyar:

Tell us about a healthy morning ritual that you follow?

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Joy Corrigan:

I try to make my mornings intentional and mindful. Every day, right when I wake up, I start with a large glass of water followed by a quick meditation. Next, I make a fully organic coffee that includes Chaga mushrooms, ashwagandha, and MCT coconut oil while I review my daily to-do list. Finally, I do a light workout, which includes stretching/yoga and a 30-minute jog before starting on my day!

Namita Nayyar:

You are a model, actress, and philanthropist. Which role defines you the best?

Joy Corrigan

Joy Corrigan:

My favorite role is being a philanthropist and using my platform to make a difference in the world. When I’m on set, either as an actress or model, I also try to create positivity and make a difference for the better.

Namita Nayyar:

Please share the best part of your job as a model? Were there challenges along the way or was it an easy process?

Joy Corrigan:

The best part about being a model is getting to bring an idea to life. There’s nothing more validating than seeing a designer’s eyes brighten and fill with tears when they see the designs that they put their whole heart and soul into designing come to life; this makes it all worth it!

And yes, it has been a challenging journey from the very beginning. When I first started, many agencies would not even sign me. They would make many excuses, saying that I was too short (at 5’8”) or that they had a girl that looked just like me—the lists went on. Despite these barricades, I was determined to succeed and never give up.

As time went on, I continued to shoot and create stunning images with talented teams. Funny enough, those same agencies were begging to sign me a year later. Challenges still do persist to this day. I still face rejection at many castings and auditions, but I always stay true to myself and know that the right client will love me!

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