Sexual Fetishes: What Is Dacryphilia? Know More About The Kink That Turns Some People On By Crying!

By | March 14, 2020
Sexual Fetishes: What Is Dacryphilia? Know More About The Kink That Turns Some People On By Crying!

Crying (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

The world of fetishes is not just weird but sometimes goes beyond our understanding. While there a whole strategically curated practice of having sex that is based on deriving pleasure out your partner’s pain, which is called BDSM, some fetishes still amaze us. Same is with Dacryphilia, the sexual fetish that involves deriving sexual pleasure out of seeing somebody else cry or just tears sometimes. Now it gets complicated because many people might think that the merely seeing a few drops of tears coming out of your partner’s eyes turns the person, experiencing this fetish on. But the reality is that the fetish has a psychological background. From Mucous to Insects, 7 Bizzare Types of Sexual Fetishes That Exist in the World!

Why Do People Get Turned On By Crying Or Tears?

Dacryphilia does not categorically come under BDSM, although it might be often linked to the form of sexual practice that involves pain. But in fact, it is considered as a sexual kink or fetish . Although atypical and highly misunderstood, this type of sexual fetish is often seen in a bad light. While there isn’t much research done to understand why it works the way it does but there have been evidence that talks about its existence. According to whatever litrature is available, it is said that some people get turned on by dominating or controlling their partners. So some might say that this pleasure comes from a sad place. The pain can be stemmed out of physical or emotional pain. It is said that the arousal is caused by either the tears itself or by the crying noise or simply by the fact that the person is being dominated.   Sex in a Diaper? Weird Sexual Fetishes That Will Drive You Nuts!

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Now another aspect of this fetish may also include the looks of the tears, to be more clear it could be the droplets dripping down the neck or face or may when the eyelids get soggy. In case of women when the eyeliner or eye makeup is ruined after they have cried.

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