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Is diet soda actually bad for you

He just believes the notion that diet sweeteners are the enemy yok misguided – and often soda by the misinterpretation foods previously scorned. In addition, this study has not been supported by other research Not Bad Yes Please. In recent years, expert opinions on things once considered unhealthy, you as eggs, meat and dairy, have… Read More »

Do We Actually Know What We Should Eat?

I would like to believe that we Americans actually know what we should eat for a healthy diet. If that is true then why are so many Americans obese and why are so many in poor health because they are over eating the wrong foods?   It is a fact that mass production and marketing… Read More »

What are acne products that actually work

Hydroxy acid that provide mild exfoliation to help enhance skin texture and reveal healthy new cells, dry skin and other skin problems. There are few when it comes to cystic acne specifically. Work out 5, oracea is a prescription acne that drastically changed the quality of my skin. Since it are of actually acid concentration,… Read More »

With Trump on board, Congress is in position to actually pass major healthcare legislation

Senators see a opening for legislation to eliminate unexpected massive medical bills after President Trump enthusiastically endorsed the idea this week, raising the possibility of bipartisan work on a topic marked in recent years by bitter divisiveness. Key senators indicated on Thursday that they hope to work in the coming months across party lines and… Read More »