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Lives ruined as damage viewed as ‘women’s problems’

Many lives have been ruined because officials failed to hear the concerns of women given drugs and procedures that caused them or their babies considerable harm, says a review. More than 700 women and their families shared “harrowing” details about vaginal mesh, pregnancy test Primodos and epilepsy drug sodium valproate. Too often worries and complaints… Read More »

How to stop arthritis joint damage

If you develop a joint deformity how to stop arthritis joint damage surgery to correct it may be an option. The stiffness is usually worse first thing in the morning, or after you have been resting. These help to ease symptoms but do not affect the progress of the disease. Light stroking and kneading of… Read More »

Antioxidant reverses most BPA-induced fertility damage in worms

From plastics to pesticides, it seems like every week delivers fresh news about the dangers of endocrine disruptors — chemicals in the environment that alter the body’s hormones and can lead to reproductive, developmental, neurologic and immune problems, and cancer. Industry regulation and individual consumer choice can reduce exposure to such chemicals, but there are… Read More »

Mother, 47, claims wearing hair bobbles on her wrist for 30 years led to NERVE DAMAGE

Mother, 47, claims wearing hair bobbles on her wrist for 30 years has given her carpal tunnel syndrome Lisa McLennan, from British Columbia, has developed carpal tunnel syndrome A friend told her she had been warned to stop wearing elastic on her wrist The common nerve condition causes pain and numbness in the hands and… Read More »

Medical News Today: How crushed eggshells could help repair bone damage

Soon, the phrase “walking on eggshells” may gain a positive new meaning thanks to researchers from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. In their new study, which they conducted both in vitro and in a rat model, they showed how crushed eggshells could be the way forward in fixing bone damage. Researchers have found an innovative… Read More »

Cannabis May Help Protect the Liver From Alcohol Damage

A new study on cannabis and alcohol suggests using both drugs together may have an unexpected health benefit—namely, that using marijuana may help protect the liver from alcohol-related damage, HealthLine reports. The study, which looked at about 320,000 people with a history of both misusing alcohol and using cannabis, was conducted at the University of… Read More »