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Why is my belly so fat when i sit down

Fatt need to why did peanut allergies start your shape and be the boss of our own body-they are hashtags for a reason,” she says. What are simple ways to get a flat stomach if your belly is almost flat? A consistent, calorie-controlled, balanced diet for weight loss is the smartest way to reduce your… Read More »

What to flush down the toilet

Disposable nappies are made from plastic that expands when it comes in contact with water. It may look what to flush down the toilet a liquid that can easily be dumped down a drain, but when it cools, it will congeal and clog up your pipes. Often we find wet wipes on our beaches entangled… Read More »

When will my blood pressure go down

An unhealthy lifestyle will raise your blood pressure over time. In fact, some people with high blood pressure may be able to avoid blood pressure medicines by cutting down on salt. We’when will my blood pressure go down love for you to share yours, too! Skip the main banner if you do not want to… Read More »

Anxiety? This one minute breathing technique will calm you down

Vikings actress and yoga teacher Maude Hirst, founder of Energy Rise  shows us Ujjayi, which translates into ‘victorious’ and is a technique that helps to calm the nervous system and minimizing anxiety [embedded content] According to an Italian study, a group of 69 participants, generalised with anxiety disorders,depression or similar conditions, were put through a workshop… Read More »