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Study links increased exercise with lower sleep apnea risk

DARIEN, IL – A study published online as an accepted paper in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that increased physical activity is associated with a lower  risk of obstructive sleep apnea, a common sleep-related breathing disorder. The study is the largest to date focused on the relationship between sleep apnea and levels of physical activity… Read More »

What exercise can replace yoga

When it came to the fitness benefits, yoga can or can’t provide, yoga teacher John Schumacher had heard it all. A student of B. Iyengar for 20 years and founder of the Unity Woods studios in the Washington, D. But many people, even some of his own students, disagreed. Mind-body exercises have to be one… Read More »

What for muscle relaxants exercise

This series of videos is excellent. Make two fists, tighten the muscles in your fingers. Collecting: Spend another minute collecting your attention on the breath. Many relaxation techniques for anxiety ensure effective reaction mechanisms. What for muscle relaxants exercise he is not surprised that even minimal meditation training can change the way people perceive pain.… Read More »

What exercise will help lower blood pressure

Which resulted in a fall in their blood pressure. The American Heart Association says you should be getting at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week, your blood pressure should soon return to normal. If you can’t stand the gym, strength Training The most common strength exercise is weightlifting. RESPeRATE is the only… Read More »

Why muscle sore after exercise

Blood flow is huge, and that’s why strength training is so productive—it’s one of the best ways to get blood flow into those muscles,” says Seedman. Does Muscle Soreness Mean You Had a Good Workout? Good quality sleep also plays a factor, when it comes to recovery. The running has now come to an end… Read More »

Why is yoga better than other exercise

Surfin’ ain’t easy, and right now, you’re lost at sea. Yoga can also boost your mood. Hi Whitney, This action works why is yoga better than other exercise because of engaging muscles towards the midline from either direction creates the dynamic action of popping up the tunnel. Meditation practice is also shown to be as… Read More »