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Health is more than diet and exercise

A systematic review of studies that looked at how people complied with exercise programs showed that over time, people wound up burning less energy with exercise than predicted and also increasing their caloric intake. Or they could achieve the same calorie reduction by eliminating two ounce sodas each day. I mean, friends and relatives are… Read More »

Can diet and exercise cure anxiety

Complementary medicine, anxiety, meditation, diet, and can modification for anxiety disorders: a review of current evidence. Close Share options. Sometimes small dietary changes make a bug cure over the course of time. FAQs Do I have an anxiety disorder? Saneei P, et al. Rethorst, C. And you are anxious for exercise or diet, it is… Read More »

Study links increased exercise with lower sleep apnea risk

DARIEN, IL – A study published online as an accepted paper in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that increased physical activity is associated with a lower  risk of obstructive sleep apnea, a common sleep-related breathing disorder. The study is the largest to date focused on the relationship between sleep apnea and levels of physical activity… Read More »