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Can chlamydia affect your eyes

Should you worry about pelvic pain in pregnancy? If you do have can chlamydia affect your eyes, they may not appear until several weeks after you have sex with an infected partner. How will my doctor know if I have chlamydia? Even if the symptoms disappear you may still have the infection and be able to… Read More »

What allergies cause burning eyes

Commonly pollen from grasses, can you be eyes to eyeglasses? You will probably have to answer a number of questions, counter products to self, it’s important to recognize that these guidelines are only an overview and definitely should not replace a consultation with your own eye doctor. If you have a few little dots, we… Read More »

Google eyes AI to cut hospital red tape, move providers beyond ‘data clerks’

LAS VEGAS — Former Geisinger CEO David Feinberg offered a peek behind the curtain at Google Health on Monday at the HLTH conference, outlining areas for the tech behemoth to disrupt, including artificial intelligence in disease prediction and prevention and hospital administration. The tech giant has invested in voice technology to help doctors and patients, methods to… Read More »

Transplanting stem cells from donors' eyes could 'cure blindness'

Transplanting stem cells from donors’ eyes could ‘cure blindness’ after a world first study saw patients improve their vision in just 18 months Study of 16 people with limbal stem cell deficiency – severely reduces vision Transplant improved vision, reduced pain and lessened light sensitivity Although early days, the ‘promising’ study shows ‘potential for stem… Read More »

Mass General eyes $1B expansion

Dive Brief: Massachusetts General Hospital is planning a $ 1 billion addition to its campus in downtown Boston, The Boston Globe reports. The proposed construction — thought to be the largest ever undertaken by a hospital in the state — includes two connected 12-story towers with private patient rooms, a cardiac center, cancer center, operating rooms… Read More »