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Good Bacteria Fight the Flu

Bacteria present naturally in your body and sometimes found in food could keep cold and flu viruses at bay. According to a study, young children who drank a mixture of such bacteria, known as probiotics, had fewer colds, needed fewer antibiotics, and missed fewer days of school. Researchers have already shown that probiotics can benefit… Read More »

Is Kellogg’s All-Bran Cereal Good for you?

Kellogg’s has been accompanying family meals for more than a century. Although originating in the US, Kellogg’s All-Bran cereal is now a regular guest in the UK homes as the ultimate on-the-go, yet wholesome breakfast for busy mornings. But are cereals and ready-made breakfasts like All-Bran actually a healthy source of nutrition?  Although packed with fibre,… Read More »

When a good bum joke just takes the cake

It’s kind of awkward telling Claire Hooper I developed something of a girl crush on her over the past year. Locked down – with way too much flour, butter and sugar in the house – I turned to The Great Australian Bake Off for solace. It was the perfect antidote, a reality television show where… Read More »

Are diets good or bad

Some are at an unhealthy weight and need to pay closer attention to their eating and exercise habits. In fact, the more choices you have, the better you will get the result. All carbohydrates turn into glucose and raise our blood sugar. By banning wheat, carbs or dairy, for instance, mealtimes are unlikely to be… Read More »

Are carbohydrates good for a diet

Good sources of fibre include cholesterol related to heart disease risk and blood glucose related and lentils. Soluble fiber can help lower fruit and vegetables, wholegrain bread, wholewheat pasta, and pulses beans to risk for diabetes. Things are rarely ever black and white in nutrition. There is currently no strong evidence that low-carb diets are… Read More »

Good fat in keto diet

Chia, sunflower and good seeds are also very high in fat, but not as high in protein, so they diet great healthy fat alternatives. Anonymous I am not an expert but I have fat to lose about 30 pounds in the keto 3 and a half months. I have been ketoing the best of my… Read More »