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Kansas health secretary used misleading charts to push mask mandate

The secretary for the Kansas Department of Health and Education is facing criticism for using a misleading chart while advocating for a statewide mask mandate. Secretary Lee Norman gave a speech earlier this week detailing the difference in coronavirus cases between Kansas counties with a mask mandate and counties without one. According to a report… Read More »

Think of these babies the next time you question wearing a mask

Suddenly there was an emergency C-section and my husband Walt and I were parents, blessed with Wyatt and Cameron. But they’re in the neonatal intensive care unit at Piedmont Hospital, and there’s a strict four-hour-only visitation schedule. It’s been three months and counting … I can’t take them home and place them in their cribs… Read More »

Global Sheet Face Mask Market Growth

The face shaped fabrics inundated in nutrition packed serum are likely as sheet face masks. Any of these sheets could be made by specific materials corresponding to cotton, paper, fibers or gel types. All of these masks are made to moisturize and brighten skin along with its treat fine lines. The sheet stops instantaneous evaporation… Read More »