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Town halls at Penn State College of Medicine reveal the same racial tensions that plague the nation | Opinion – pennlive.com

On May 29th, 2020, four days after the killing of George Floyd, we received a message from a Black medical student at the Penn State College of Medicine on the Hershey campus. She said she was scared. The administration, she told us, hadn’t offered her any support. She was finding it hard to focus. Her… Read More »

To begin addressing racial bias in medicine, start with the skin – STAT – STAT

“Until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes.” — Bob Marley, “War” Racial inequity in the U.S. health system is, in many ways, far deadlier than police violence. The failures of the health care industry to appropriately care for Black patients are well-documented, resulting in… Read More »

Coronavirus Tests The Value Of Artificial Intelligence In Medicine

Dr. Albert Hsiao and his colleagues at the University of California-San Diego health system had been working for 18 months on an artificial intelligence program designed to help doctors identify pneumonia on a chest X-ray. When the coronavirus hit the United States, they decided to see what it could do. The researchers quickly deployed the application, which dots X-ray… Read More »

What are the best medicine for migraine

Research has the that supplementation of magnesium can be useful in reducing the frequency of migraines in some individuals. An older treatment, dihydroergotamine DHE, has largely are replaced as a first-line intervention. About two-thirds of ED patients with migraines will experience headaches for 24 hours after discharge. They may choose to take a warm bath… Read More »