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Health Care In the COVID-19 Era – PwC Finds Self-Rationing of Care and Meds Especially for Chronic Care

Patients in the U.S. are self-rationing care in the era of COVID-19 by cutting spending on health care visits and prescription drugs. The coronavirus pandemic’s impact on health consumers’ spending varies depending on whether the household is generally a healthy family unit, healthy “enthusiasts,” dealing with a simple or more complex chronic conditions, or managing… Read More »

Use Pot? It Can Interact With Your Meds in Harmful Ways

TUESDAY, March 3, 2020 — People who use marijuana either medicinally or recreationally should remember that pot can have potentially harmful interactions with medications they take regularly, a new report warns. This is particularly true of older folks, who often are on many different drugs to manage a variety of chronic ailments, said lead researcher… Read More »

When asthma meds don’t work

Up appointment to discuss how the treatment is working, montelukast may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide. Possibly after taking a puff from an inhaler — or systemically with oral or injected medications. He adds that the only way you know for sure is with allergy skin testing, and nasal… Read More »

Need For Blood Pressure Meds Can Be Reduced With Lifestyle Changes (STUDY)

According to a study, the need for high blood pressure meds in hypertensive individuals can be reduced within 16 weeks after making lifestyle changes.[1] Lifestyle modifications such as regular exercise and healthier eating can significantly reduce the amount of patients needing blood pressure-lowering medicine. That’s especially the case in individuals who have systolic blood pressures… Read More »