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Medical News Today: The Mediterranean diet reduces stroke risk, too

In the largest study of its type, scientists conclude that adhering to the Mediterranean diet might reduce the risk of stroke. The benefits are particularly pronounced for women over 40. Is reducing stroke risk another benefit of the Mediterranean diet? When it comes to alleged health benefits, the Mediterranean diet fares incredibly well. Increasing one’s… Read More »

Eczema And Skin Defects In The News

Research – published in a recent issue of the journal JCI Insight – has discovered a cause of the dry, inflamed and itchy skin that plagues eczema patients. A team led by Donald Leung, MD, Ph.D. at National Jewish Health learned that an immune system skewed toward allergy alters the lipids in the skin. The altered… Read More »

What you need to know about news stories claiming ‘smartphones speed up blindness’

August 17, 2018 Posted By Categories Kevin Lomangino is the managing editor of HealthNewsReview.org. He tweets as @KLomangino. U.S. News & World Report is one of many news outlets running a story about the potential damage smartphones can do to your eyes. The stories are almost all based on a University of Toledo, Ohio news release… Read More »