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Think of these babies the next time you question wearing a mask

Suddenly there was an emergency C-section and my husband Walt and I were parents, blessed with Wyatt and Cameron. But they’re in the neonatal intensive care unit at Piedmont Hospital, and there’s a strict four-hour-only visitation schedule. It’s been three months and counting … I can’t take them home and place them in their cribs… Read More »

5G: Are we ready for the next generation?

For many years now, the GSMA has been the most important global industry association of mobile phone and mobile network providers. It has an intelligence unit called GSMA Intelligence, and this unit features a dashboard on its website that is counting mobile connections, including licensed internet of things (IoT) devices, worldwide. It is the overall… Read More »

Providers take next step in social determinants: hyperlocalism

One method healthcare providers and payers are using to have an impact on social determinants of health is intervention at the neighborhood level — using data to identify needs and working with community organizations to meet them. Alisahah Cole, chief community impact officer at Atrium Health, told attendees at U.S. News & World Report’s Healthcare… Read More »