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Obesity New Risk Factor for Young COVID Patients

Jennifer Lighter, MD, NYU Langone Health, New York City. Christopher Petrilli, MD, NYU Langone Health, New York City. Leonardo Seoane, MD, Ochsner Health, New Orleans. Clinical Infectious Diseases: “Obesity in patients younger than 60 years is a risk factor for Covid-19 hospital admission.” medRxiv: “Factors associated with hospitalization and critical illness among 4,103 patients with… Read More »

Obesity and Brain Shrinkage

Carrying excessive weight is bad for your heart, increases your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, and might decrease your lifespan. But did you ever think that obesity could shrink your brain? Probably not, but according to new research, it may do just that—and potentially reduce your cognitive abilities as you get older. The study,… Read More »

The biology of obesity: How our ancient brain conspires to make us overeat

According to a new study, an additional 1.7 million Canadians will be living with obesity by 2023. Our growing girth is already at historic levels, and we’re among the heaviest countries in the world. Over the past decade, rates of overweight and obesity have increased in Canada, France, Mexico, Switzerland and the U.S., according to… Read More »

New study prompts questions about diabetes and obesity within Black churches

(Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Diabetes and obesity rates could possibly have a correlation with church-going among African Americans a new study suggests. The findings of the Duke University study released last month in the Journal of Religion and Health highlight two main conclusions: Black Americans who are Baptist are more likely to have diabetes than those… Read More »