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Watch This Guy Surprise His Dog With 100 Giant Tennis Balls to Celebrate Beating Cancer

What wouldn’t a loyal dog owner do for their best friend? Especially if that pup had just recovered from cancer? YouTuber Rocky Kanaka found himself in exactly that situation: His dog Flip had weathered an illness and come out safe on the other side, and Rocky wanted to celebrate. So he decided to surprise Flip—not… Read More »

When this pandemic ends, I hope we will all better appreciate these kitchen table relationships

Sara Bajuyo, MD | Physician | May 7, 2020 One of my favorite TV characters is Cliff Clavin, the know-it-all mailman on the TV show Cheers. I really like his quirky sense of humor and affection for interesting but useless facts.  When I was in medical school and transcribed class notes to make extra money,… Read More »

This Double Kettlebell Workout Will Scorch Your Shoulders and Legs

If you’re only using kettlebells for swings and Turkish getups, you’re sorely missing out on some killer total-body work. These two movements Omar Bolden, former Broncos safety and Super Bowl 50 champ, demos in a superset workout: the double kettlebell push press and double kettlebell goblet squat. The workout requires you to complete 10 total… Read More »