The Most Popular Weight-Loss Products on Amazon

By | January 5, 2019

We checked out the top-selling and most popular weight-loss products on Amazon to figure out exactly how they work and who they’re best for.

Apple cider vinegar pills

Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength Apple Cider Vinegar Pills - Natural Weight Loss, Detox, Digestion - Powerful 500mg Cleanser, Premium-Non-GMO Cider Capsules via

By now, we’ve all heard that apple cider vinegar, or ACV, is a wonder-cure for just about everything. But how does it work, and why are these Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength apple cider vinegar pills the most popular weight-loss pills on Amazon right now? It turns out these pills may help you avoid storing fat, but only if you’re already eating a reduced calorie diet and exercising.

“Acetic acid is the main component of vinegar and gives it that memorable taste. It has been shown in multiple scientific studies to suppress the ability of the body to store fat,” explains Ryan Neinstein, MD, a New York plastic surgeon. “In addition to the control of daily calorie intake and a more active lifestyle, consuming diets or food with bioactive nutrients has been proposed as an effective solution to combat and even prevent obesity.”

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Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia *** 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA, Extra Strength, 180 Capsules, All Natural Supplement via

Have you been seeing ads for this appetite suppressant pop up all over your internet browser? You’re not alone, and it’s because it’s one of the most popular weight-loss supplements of the moment. This 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA in Extra Strength is one of Amazon’s best-sellers, as it’s easy to use and inexpensive. However, it’s not for people who are pregnant, nursing, or allergic to rice bran.

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BURN-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner

BURN-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner - Weight Loss Supplement, Appetite Suppressant, Energy Booster - Premium Fat Burning Acetyl L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract, More - 60 Natural Veggie... via

This is one of the more intense additions to our list of popular weight-loss supplements on Amazon, thanks to the formula’s variety of fat burners and appetite suppressants including Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL, green tea leaf extract, caffeine, cayenne pepper fruit extract, and other known metabolism enhancers. The caffeine in BURN-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner may give you the jitters, though, so this one should be taken with caution.

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