The Reddit Community for Male Fashion Advice Is Full of Helpful Style Hacks

By | September 19, 2018

Style doesn’t come easy. Case in point: people are still wearing shorts to work and sandals with socks on first dates in 2018. Sometimes you need a little fashion advice and apparently, you can find it in an unexpected place – Reddit.

That’s right. The internet’s top source for pimple-popping videos and various horror stories is also full of fashion knowledge, thanks to one particularly supportive community.

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R/MaleFashionAdvice allows men to run outfits by each other, ask for style tips, and provide each other with useful resources when it comes to finding clothes. It’s an encouraging, positive place, which can be rare on the internet. Even better, there are actually plenty of genius style hacks in the forum.

These are just five of the many tips and tricks from the Redditors on r/MaleFashionAdvice. For even more intel, you’ll just have to join the tribe.

1. When heading to a wedding, ask yourself these questions.

wedding dress code

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“1. What does the invitation say for dress code?
2. When in the day is the wedding? Noonish? After 6 PM?
3. When in the year is the wedding? What season?
4. Is the wedding indoors or outdoors?
5. Do you know what other people will be wearing?” —danhakimi

It can be difficult to choose what exactly to wear to a wedding, but these five questions should help you decipher the dress code. Depending on the answers, dress accordingly.

2. Jeans tearing from chafing and rubbing together? You’ve got options.

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jeans hack

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“What’s causing the tearing in that area is friction from the legs rubbing against each other. There’s nothing you can do about that unless you buy looser jeans in the top block like u/skriefal said. When you walk your inner thighs rub together (this has nothing to do with being skinny or fat) and over time the fabric abrades away. You have four options:

  1. buy a different cut of pants
  2. have your jeans repaired every time the crotch wears through. I use Denim Therapy and they’re great.
  3. buy new jeans every time a pair dies.
  4. borrow the tweed jacket approach and sew a leather patch over the crotch. But this isn’t the most elegant solution.” —Ghoticptox

It’s a common problem, but luckily, there are plenty of solutions. Turns out you don’t need to live with faded, scratchy jeans.

3. To find your perfect fall jacket, keep two things in mind.

man fall jacket

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“1. Make sure the arms fit! Alerting anything below the armhole is relatively easy and non expensive. Also make sure it closes right. Try bending over, holding things, stretching and make sure you’ll be able to care for it according to the care label. Also clothes with linings are a bit more pricey to alter.

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2. I would recommend you go to a thrift store since many items there are vintage and usually made of great material/ real leather. You probably won’t even have to pay more than $ 15. Thing is, you have to search good. I found a black real suede bomber jacket with a bunch of patches in great condition for $ 7. It has some weight to it to prove it.” —joemaldon

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Your jacket doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should fit well. Focus on how the arms look and how it feels as opposed to the price tag.

4. If you’re hoping to appear more professional, the right fit can help you look the part.

look professional at work

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“How to look like an adult: wearing clothing that fits well. Fit really is king… Having ill fitting clothing makes you look a lot more immature.

My summer work outfit was essentially shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers. But I’ve never felt like a kid, nor was I ever treated like one.” —Alakazam

Professionalism can be as simple as selecting clothes that actually fit. Your work outfits should not be too loose or too tight. It’s an easy fix that changes your look entirely.

5. When suiting up, it’s not always the best idea to splurge on one pricy set.

buying a suit

Oscar Fuertes / EyeEm/Getty Images

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“Unless you have a gigantic budget, I’d suggest going for a few mid-range [suits], potentially off-the-rack, rather than one extremely expensive suit. You don’t want to turn up to work with the same suit every day.” —Dairaguy

Sometimes it’s about quantity, not quality. You don’t need one ultra-expensive suit to wear daily. Instead, buy affordable, high-quality suits for multiple days.

So, yeah. Turns out the men of Reddit are secretly full of fashion know-how. You’ve just gotta know where to look.

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