Watch This Guy Surprise His Dog With 100 Giant Tennis Balls to Celebrate Beating Cancer

By | May 23, 2020

What wouldn’t a loyal dog owner do for their best friend? Especially if that pup had just recovered from cancer? YouTuber Rocky Kanaka found himself in exactly that situation: His dog Flip had weathered an illness and come out safe on the other side, and Rocky wanted to celebrate. So he decided to surprise Flip—not with one or two average-sized tennis balls, but with a hundred giant tennis balls.

Before you see Flip’s reaction, it’s good to know a little bit of the backstory. Kanaka’s dogs love tennis balls: Zoey, the smallest pooch, has her own set of mini-balls, while Kobe, a blind foster puppy, loves to play even if he needs a little extra help finding the balls.

And then there’s Flip, a rescue boxer Kanaka says he took in after a breeder dropped the dog off at a shelter because he couldn’t be sold. That’s because Flip was sick with what turned out to be cancer. After being sick for weeks, Flip had surgery; it took a while to recover, but with the dog fully on the mend, Kanaka decided to celebrate.

That’s where those 100 giant tennis balls come in. In the video, Kanaka details how he inflated them all, stacking them outside in a pyramid. Then he lured Flip out with a mini-ball, unveiling the massive pile of oversized tennis balls. Flip honestly looks a little confused at first, before diving in with gusto; of course, he pops one ball early on before joyously rolling around with the others. Kobe also gets in on the action, surrounding himself with balls that are roughly half his size. Zoey takes her tiny ball and goes inside.

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To see Flip’s reaction for yourself, check out the video below:

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