Yoga Teacher Training – Things You Must Know

By | October 12, 2018

In today’s world, yoga has become a famous healthcare tool. Most people practice yoga to gain the benefits of yoga and few has even begun turning yoga as their career. Enrolling in a yoga teacher training in Sydney may come with both anxiety and excitement. According to each person’s body needs, there are various yoga training courses available. A good yoga instructor should have strong yoga skills, physical fitness, motivational skills, communication skills, and certification from a registered yoga school. Here we have mentioned few tips to make your yoga training a successful one.

Time Management: Usually, yoga teacher training schedule will be very dense. To become a well-qualified yoga teacher by gaining the complete knowledge about yoga, you need to fit in as much as you can in the allotted period. You have to maintain a rhythm between your yoga teachers, classes and labs to practice, study and rest. During the training period, you need proper time management to avoid overwhelming yourself.

Practice and Rest: Amit Ray says: “Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.” During your yoga teacher training course, you will be learning many poses with important dialogues. After a few days, you need to teach a yoga pose daily to get trained as a good teacher. So you should be ready to learn hard and should not postpone the classes. In the beginning you feel hard to learn, but as time passes you will become an expert. You need to put extra effort to learn yoga to become an excellent yoga teacher.

Hydrate: During yoga training course, you need to hydrate your body. Particularly while performing hot yoga, you will sweat more compared to the normal poses. So you need to hydrate your body always. When you sweat, you lose electrolytes from your body and only drinking ordinary water cannot replenish them. To refill them, you can add a little salt and lemon juice in the water to refill your body with minerals.

Listen to your body: After a few days of training, your body will become sore due to the compact nature of the training. It is a one month long course, so you need to take care of your body and tune with your limits. Not everyone can perform the correct posture in the first attempt itself, so give time to your body, and know its limitations. Slowly your body can extend its limits without getting hurt.

Enjoy: Enjoy each and every moment of your training to make your yoga teacher training successful and more effective. During your yoga training course you can get more connections and lifelong friends. So enjoy your yoga teacher training course as much as you can!

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